Digital twins

Social media and presentation slides
‍‍Role: Art direciton and design
Studio: Beyond Words Studio
ECMWF commissioned Beyond Words to create digital slides that help communicate what a ‘digital twin’ is, what it’s made of, and how it can have a real-world impact. The wanted help in distilling complex concepts into simple illustrations and stories that a general audience with minimal to no technical knowledge could understand.

Using ECMWF guidelines and inspiration from technical digital drawings we created slides that evoke the feeling of a digital twin.
Part of the research: Existing COVID-19 visualisations. Left to right: Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub, John Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard, John Burn-Murdoch’s charts in the Financial Times
Visual inspiration
ECMWF has really beautiful brand guidelines to pull from with a dark, deep blue and lots of punchy colours in a secondary palette. We wanted their colours to be the backdrop of fine-line illustrations inspired by archival weather illustrations and technical weather drawings. We also wanted to incorporate a mix of textures (taken from photographs) and vector illustrations to modernize the old-school weather diagrams and make them feel 'techy' and sophisticated.

Below are some of the social media and presentation slides we created for ECMWF.